To allow remote
control of your pc

What are our Customers saying about Remote-Assist?

"There are many users who lack basic Windows skills such as navigating with Explorer or copying files. Remote Assist is an ideal tool for us to take control of their computers and guide them through the procedures. Using Remote Assist is also ideal for identifying users' issues if they are having difficulties explaining a problem to us. It's much faster than trying to talk them through a scenario when you cannot view their screen or they simply don't know how to use the appropriate tools."

Using Remote Assist saves us and our clients valuable time, and time is money.

Plusfactor Solutions Ltd is an Auckland based software developer providing specialised job cost accounting systems to a client base located from Kerikeri to Alexandra.

"Our clients have numerous differing remote access requirements that we need to adhere to, to get through the various differing firewalls, protocols, security setups, etc. Before using Remote-Assist we had a never ending hassle of remembering which tool was required for which client, which password to use, how to use the tool, how to get into the correct PC and not to mention non Static IP addresses. We been using Remote-Assist for about 6 weeks now and have found it simple, easy to use and reliable and have found we are now using it almost all the time!"

Strategic Delivery Ltd are an independent software consulting practice who specialise in developing and supporting Microsoft Access databases and systems for the SME market.

"CADPRO Systems has found the Remote-Assist as a very useful and powerful tool when supporting our clients, especially those overseas. We have in the past used other products but are finding that higher security with Firewalls has caused problems. The simplicity of installation and ease of use makes Remote-assist a great tool for our business."

CADPRO Systems Ltd supply and support CAD software for the Architecture, Engineering and Construction (AEC) and Mechanical Design and Manufacturing sectors.

"We have found Remote-Assist to be a valuable resource in enabling us to support the software we have sold without having to leave the office. Many support jobs take just a few minutes and using remote assist is much more efficient than driving to a clients site to spend five minutes resolving a problem they may have. We have also found Remote-Assist to be a valuable resource when providing 'over the phone' staff training - in that we can log in to the clients computer to view what they are doing and talk them through whatever it is that they need to know."

Reboot Ltd supply and support business software for the SME market.

"I trialled a number of products including LogMeIn, Beam2Support, BeamYourScreen and Net Support. Remote-Assist was the easiest to set up and fastest to use."

Confident Clicks is a Levin based computer training company.

"Having used Remote-Assist now for a year or so I have concluded we would be lost without it. We now rely on your utility to provide advanced support and sales techniques to our client base. Thank you for making our lives so much easier!"

SoEasy Accounting is the world-wide distributors for the accounting software range and systems called SoEasyAccounting.