To allow remote
control of your pc

This software will allow the following versions of Microsoft Windows to be remotely controlled

  • Windows XP
  • Windows Vista
  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8


These instructions are for Windows 8 with Internet Explorer 10 but other browsers should be similar.
Please note: you will need an account number and a password prior to following this process .
  1. Click Download
  2. Click 'Save'.
  3. After the file has downloaded minimize or close the web browser.
  4. Open the Downloads folder.
  5. Right click on the Remote-Assist.exe file.
  6. Left click on 'Run as administrator'.
  7. If a blue screen titled 'Windows protected your PC' appears:
    • Click 'More Info' under the title.
    • Click 'Run anyway'.
  8. If a 'User Account Control' window appears click 'Yes'.
  9. A 'Windows Security' window should appear.
  10. Enter the 4 digit account number and client password and click 'OK'.
  11. A 'Remote-Assit 3.0' window should appear.
  12. After a few seconds A message should appear saying
    'Connected to Account XXXX' (XXXX=account number).
  13. Tell the support person that you are ready for them to connect.
If your support person uses Remote-Assist 2 please download from here.